28 November 2011

Introducing Jack

Union Jack.  Har har..  I am that funny.  Okay so I got this ugly table from freecycle this summer.  I knew it would be painted and I went in a different direction every month until I finally dove in and finished it.  I just ordered a huge shipment of ASCP last week with three different colors of paint, a wax and two brushes.  So I knew I needed to tackle this table and show off my new paints.


Here she is… oops I mean he *giggle*…



I really had trouble convincing the hubby with this one.  First he said it was too drab and then he said he wasn’t fond of my duck egg stuff I had done recently.  Well which is it, you don’t like color or you don’t like neutral?  Or maybe you’re just impossible to please.  I thought this piece was nice and masculine for our casual living area.  Once I distressed and waxed it he warmed up to it.

Here is how it started…  And ugly brown table like all the other ugly brown furniture just waiting for ASCP lol.


First I painted him all over with a couple coats of French Linen.  It is more grey than I had anticipated.  Also forgive the colors changes in the photo’s. Some are taken at night and some in the daytime.

Once the linen was on I used graphite for the secondary color.  I love the graphite!  I knew I didn’t want the traditional colors for the union jack in my living room so I branched out on this piece.


Let me just say.. Taping the pattern was not difficult. Not like say, a chevron pattern!  But it sure uses a lot of tape doing this!  Half my roll. So once you get the secondary color painted let it dry and tape off the design for your highlight color.  In this case mine is the old white.



Now pull your tape off and admire the pattern unfinished.  I almost left it this way but I knew it was too crisp feeling for me.  He needed to be roughed up a bit and I had to try out my new dark wax.  SCARY!



Now wax clear first.  I learned this the hard way on another piece.  CLEAR FIRST!  Then dark wax and then clear again if you want to subdue the dark wax a bit.  It was a process and some work to remove the dark wax.  And it goes on really dark!  So on my next piece I’m going to try mixing some dark with the clear and see how I like that.  This was a big scary for me.  But over all I love the finished look.









Artsy VaVa said...

Love the table!!!

Anonymous said...

This looks fabulous and the colours are perfect! I'd love it if you shared this at my Saturday Splendour Party at www.megandmums.com :)

Sherry said...

Great colors ~ I love the makeover! I will be your newest follower. Come by and check out some of my projects when you get the chance,

Jen Lossing, The Consigner Designer said...

This table looks great. I love the color combination. I am visiting from Sumos Sweet Stuff. Good job!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love the colors in this- so awesome! you did a fabulous job. you know jack! ;)

Anonymous said...

This came out great! I love the muted colors.

Shannon said...

oooh! I am planning the exact same thing on our coffee table!

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