29 November 2011

Out With The Old

As many of you know we currently inhabit a rental home.  It’s huge at nearly 3200sf.  It backs to open space.  We love the floor plan.  Every child has their own room.  The neighbors are incredibly nice and bring me coupons and leave free furniture on the curb.  *giggle*

But … there is always a but isn’t there?  This house is outdated.  It’s a nice home.  Structurally it’s sound.  But it was built in the early 90’s and the cabinets are old and all the wood trim in the house is old needs to be sanded down and re-stained or in my opinion painted white. 

The homeowner is a super nice Asian man.  He wants the house to be updated but for pennies on the dollar which is difficult even when you are as thrifty as I am.  He also doesn’t have any vision.  He doesn’t have an eye for what is in right now.  He doesn’t understand the processes of home construction when we talk to him about projects.  It’s a cultural barrier that is difficult to cross.

So we have both decided that I will only make changes that can be un-done when I leave if he doesn’t like them.  Paint, fixtures etc..

Here is the latest change we made and let me tell you something,  a single chandelier can make a home feel so much richer in style!

Our entry is two stories tall. This is from the landing on the stairs.


  Obviously we will be getting some bulbs that are smaller to fit in there.  This sucker takes 11 bulbs!  And they only had the multi packs in 60 watt so imagine how bright this things is lol.  Here is from the upstairs.



Let me tell you how fun it was to watch Mr. Garden straddling the railing and the 24ft ladder up there.  While I stayed on the inside of the loft railing with a board reaching across to another ladder so we could support the 75lb chandelier!!!  I think my butthole puckered a few times.

Oh and here is what we left behind.


Much improved… yes?



Dawn said...

Great Job ! Thanks for visiting and joining my blog . That FB thread last night was fun and interesting.
Look forward to watching your projects.

Kathe said...

LOL! I know the puckering butthole feeling too! When Mr. B changed out the light fixture in our two-story entyway I felt the same way! Thought for sure I'd be a widow!
So, I "found" you via youaretalkingtoomuch on FB but really I have been linking up to your VIP party since I started blogging in Sept! Annnd you live in HR?? Get out! Someday maybe we will meet up and do some thrift shopping together eh? :)

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

I agree, BIG improvement!

Hope all goes well with your home projects!


Tammy @ Type A said...

love it!!!! you said butthole! lol

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