30 December 2011

Traveling Art Tote

As many of you know from the Facebook page my family is venturing off to Costa Rica for a week on January 15th!!  Exciting right?  Well all but the part when the kids realize that the oh so exciting plane is really going to be 6 hours of BORING.  Luckily (or maybe not, we shall see) the only direct flight out of Denver leaves at midnight on any given day.  So the hope is to Benadryl the kids and they will sleep on the flight out.  But the flight back especially will be long for them.  And the two hours in the airport waiting to board flights as well. 

So I’ve been digging up ideas on traveling with children because this is the first trip we have ever taken with them.  And I came across some neat ideas on keeping their activities organized. However the frugal side of me was not willing to pay Etsy prices when I knew I could knock off this amazing tote myself.  Here are the art totes I made for the girls yesterday to keep all their coloring and books in one convenient place. 





I also plan to add some velcro today to the section inside the handles on either side to keep it securely shut when not in use.






These are already getting use.  Though I’m trying to keep the stuff for the trip put away so it feels “new” when we get to the airport.  I think it will more fun for them if they haven’t already worn it out. 

These were so easy to make and I fully plan on posting a tutorial for you all but it may not be until after the trip.  Even beginners can sew this, it’s all strait lines!




Anna at www.mylifeandkids.com said...

SUCH a great idea! You're brave to take such a long flight with the kids - but it sounds like it will be so worth it (and - like you said - the Benadryl should do the trick!) :)

Happy New Year!

Natasha said...

wow!! i'm lovin these!!

Natasha xx

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Carolyn said...

Adorable. I love the fabric. If you have a moment, I would be thrilled if you shared this on my Inspiration Board {link party}. I know my readers would love it.

carolyn - homework

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