27 March 2012

Kids Rooms

These have been a work in progress for some time.  Though I wouldn’t consider them anywhere near finished I can’t expect them to be so when I’m still currently a renter.  But I did finally get the last full size bed and everyone has new bedding.  So once we get the basement finished out in the new place and we can paint walls and hang drapes etc… these rooms should come together nicely and fairly quickly.  I still have a lot of furniture to paint as well.

Here is Little Miss K’s new bed and I already posted the bedding previously.  The bed is from Ikea and I was absolutely stunned at the quality!  It’s rock solid and I am sure it will last until college.  I just loved how it had the rails that went all the way to the floor with the molding.  No more shoving stuff under this bed!


Here is Bears new set.  She inherited her sisters four post bed and we got all new bedding for her since she never really had a matching set before.



And with the mattress I picked up on Craig's list the woman gave me this entire set of bedding only used a handful of times.  It’s all Tommy Hilfiger and perfect for my boy!



So I’m super pleased that everyone now has a bed they can grow into and the next bed they get will be purchased by them! LOL.




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