01 June 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

This is a little late this week due to our three day weekend but it will be so worth it!  I hate to admit this but I have to say it... I came to realize this weekend that my husband is better treasure hunter than I am.  He was raised thrift shopping with his mother and boy does he have an eye for some good bargains!  It was so wonderful treasure hunting with with the love of my life and he was so motivated!  I will tell you now that my grand total for everything you see here today was only $44!!

This is the free antique crib I found.  I planned to make a chalk board easel out of it.

Then I realized the bottom side is curved.  Not sure what to make with it now... ideas?  I love the style and can't wait to figure out what it will become.

Found this perfect stool for little miss K's vanity.  A whopping $4.  I'll paint her white and re-cover the seat in a white and pink toile.

I loved this!  I have been looking for these everywhere and they are not easy to find.  I will paint this black to go on the buffet.  I paid $5 for it which I felt was a little much but since they are so hard to find I compromised.  Am I becoming too much of a cheapskate?

Dh (Dear husband) found this one!  It was $7.50!  Any idea how to tell what kind of wood it is?  I bought this one to sell but I'm not so sure I'll want to get rid of it when I'm finished lol.

I have been searching for these!  The seats are warped enough that I will have to make a template and completely replace them.  But I was thrilled to find under the seats they are marked Pottery Barn!  These were $10 a piece which is way over budget for me normally but these too have been on my list and hard to find.  They will be refinished in a buttery yellow for the front porch with a pretty plant stand between them =)

Oooh la la!  Dh also found this one for..... $8.00!!  I will reupholster this beauty once her frame is distressed in black.  My first upholstery project so be on the look out.  I post all the steps. 

Hope you enjoyed these!  I can't wait to start on them.  I wish I had eight arms!


Angie said...

GREAT finds!!! For the chairs- how about just an outdoor cushion on both instead of replacing the bottoms? It would save you time and money plus i'm sure there are some gorgeous ones that will compliment your color scheme! Just a thought ;)

Sommer said...

I thought about cushions and I'm not totally against them. I just can't decide. I suppose if I come across just the right ones that will be a deffinite option.

* The Design Confidential said...

that coffee table that dh found is my coffee table too! hahah and i have end tables that match it. they are the ones i began to refinish a couple weeks ago before derailment happened! hahah how funny.

Sommer said...

I just found the matching end table on Craigs list this morning! But I don't want to spend $20 for it. Am I being cheap? lol

Kendra@Creative Ambitions said...

Love the lantern... found it at a thrift store huh? $5.00 is worth it!! Great piece!

Sommer said...

Thank you! I was actually in the check out line when the guy said everything was 50% off and my eyes popped. Then hubby says "well run back and grab it would you?" lol

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