I’m Sommer. Though I hold many titles the most important are mom, wife and design enthusiast. Welcome to my blog, where I swoon shamelessly over all things shabby and share the pages of my life story with my husband (Mr Garden), amazing three children and a four legged friend. We live a spontaneous lifestyle in the great Rocky Mountains. My family is the most important thing in my life and everything else follows closely behind. That being said, I’ll confess to a healthy obsession for all things French and Victorian. 
I'm a tad on the sassy side, I love a good bargain and can't cook worth a darn.  I spent my childhood on the beaches of California and all of my adult life in the Rocky mountains. I will always have sweet memories of the sand between my toes.  I have adjusted from salt water to snow flakes.  I have experienced the best of both worlds and like to think it makes me fairly balanced.  I have been creative since the moment I held a crayon in my hand.  Seriously, I'm a south paw and you know they say were inherently creative beings.

I started my adult life in the financial world working with investments and banking. Since becoming a stay at home parent I have dipped my feet in many different waters.  I've sold make up, cleaned homes, designed children's clothing and restored furniture and other fun antique pieces.  I plan to get my RN once my youngest child is officially in school and I want to minor in design.  I hope to have my own shop one day and fall back on nursing should all my dreams not come true.

I met the man of my dreams on the front porch of my apartment when he delivered my washer and dryer in the fall of 2002. Three children and several pets later, we find ourselves frequenting the real estate sites of central America where we plan to own a home somewhere in Costa Rica or Panama one day. We are planning our future businesses, homes we want to build and other accomplishments we want to achieve together. Life doesn't get any better than this.

I started Designer Garden in the spring of 2010 in hopes of inspiring and sharing my creative ideas with others create an identity for myself again.  I also hope to gain friendship and find more opportunity to do what I love. I am my own worst critic but I've had a great time learning to smile at all my imperfections. Now days I spend my time keeping up with our active family, learning to live within our means and live with the decorating restrictions of a rental home.  I have heaps of laundry laying in the corners of my home and globs of honey under the dining table but it's what makes us a family and makes my house worth coming home to each day.

Here's to seeing you around for some quirky posts, inspiring articles, ongoing chaos and the ride I like to call my life...

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