11 April 2011

Nothing Is Safe

Nothing that comes into my house that is.  Muahaha.  I give just about everything the royal treatment these days.  I swear I can’t shop for anything without looking at it and thinking to myself, it’s cute but it needs this or that.  Or… Oh this would be even better if I did x,y,z to it!
I want to show you something I spruced up recently (And there is more to come)…  I started with this cute clock from Pier 1 Imports.  I loved the shape and face plate but she was very… BROWN.  Don’t get me wrong I love brown.  My leather couches are brown, my dining table, some vintage luggage and a my ladder.  But you know what they say, everything in moderation. 
So I found a pretty design I decided to mod podge into the center insert you see. And let me tell you what a Roal pain in the treatment this was!  I ended up laying a piece of printer paper on the clock and tracing around the lip of the inset with pen cap. 
Then you can see the hole for the pendulum is traced out also.  I just ran my finger around the rim to make an indention in the paper.  This is how I got my template. Then I traced it onto the nice paper and mod podged it onto the clock.
I let it sit this way for about a month until I decided it wasn’t enough lol.  Story of a girls life right?  It’s never enough!  So I went to my favorite website The Graphics Fairy and found some cute little brown birds.  I printed them of and used the same tracing technique as before.  Then I trimmed and cut around the branches and such until I was happy.  Or so I thought.
I love the birds and they are there to stay… however I’m not sold on the branches I left for them.  They aren’t on there permanently, I just have a little piece of tape holding them on right now.  So what do you think, just the birds or leave the branches?  One thing I’ve learned about decorating is that I like to live with something for at least a few days before I make it permanent.  Paint can be changed easily but this kind of stuff cannot.  So don’t glue it down until you know for sure.

ETA:  The branches are gone =)  Thanks for all the great advice everyone!  It looks wonderful.

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Sharon said...

I love it! Very clever!

Janet said...

How cute is this?! Great job, I love it!!!


Kristina said...

I love the birds! Much improved.

LBB said...

I LOVE this! The birds are such a great touch :)
New follower too! Looking forward to seeing more :)

Andrea said...

It looks great with the birds(great idea adding the paper). I'm with you...I think I'd prefer just the birds and not the branches. Nice work either way!

Anne said...

Its delightful! Would love to feature it in this Wednesday's 'visiting other nests' post at Bird/Like. (Coming by from Homemaker on a Dime...)

Arabella said...

Wow - you're so creative, love it!!!

Jodi said...

Very pretty, I think it looks like it was meant to be like that!


Alely said...

that turned out great! thanks for visiting my site and for the sweet comment on my wreath. i'm sorry to have missed the linky this weekend. it's been a busy weekend and i'm just now getting back to comments. so sad to have missed. maybe next time.

lovin' what you have here on your blog! can't wait to persuse some more. now following, happy to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Just a thought....the Cedar Waxwings are magnificent, but the image looks like it was just cut out and pasted on. Perhaps you could outline cut the birds, decoupage the cutouts on the clock, then put real tree twigs (or silk twigs with leaves) underneath them to make it look like they are actually perched on the twigs....just a thought....

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

Love how you spruced it up, I vote for nixing the branches. I'm a new follower now :)

abeachcottage said...

oh wow! Love how it brightened up the clock so much. Great job!

CIELO said...

uppsss, I came to comment on your Show Off Your Cottage Monday but I don't see our linky so I'm sure if this is the right place... ;)


Holly said...

Very creative! I love that you made it work for you!
I think I would keep the birds but not the branches; your background paper has a branch-y look as it is.
Thanks for joining my party...please add my link to your post, k? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

From okay... to fabulous! Great idea to use wallpaper and the birds just make the look!
Have a wonderful night!

Connie @ Sensible-Redesign said...

Hi new follower here. Love the clock and the birds... Your blog is great. Glad I found it!

Tammy @ Type A said...

love it girl! great job. thanks for sharing this at my party!

Crisp Interiors said...

Great idea!
Love all things clocks! :)
Thanks for sharing !

Connie said...

Super cute...Great Idea. I am happy to be your newest follower. Please stop by for book club or blog design if you're interested--connie, measuredbytheheart.blogspot.com

Anne said...

Your lovely clock is featured in my post today about 'Visiting Other Nests' -- i just love it!

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

YOur clock is looking elegant. Great job! Thanks for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

Full Circle Creations said...

I like what you did to the clock. The birds are a nice touch, but if it were mine, I'd 86 the branches.
Nice job!

Cara said...

What a clever way to upscale this clock!

great job!



Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

That looks gorgeous! Great makeover!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Anonymous said...

How creative. Your work is beautiful.

You're invited to my "Party in Paris" today. I hope you will stop over!

Blessings, Renee

Angie Holden said...

Gorgeous!! Thanks so much for auditioning for OMTWI!!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

You turned your cute little clock into a timeless treasure. ;) I'm glad you ditched the branches. But you kept the birds, right? They really added a lot of character.

Thanks for linking to the party, Sommer. I enjoy having you participate.

Have a terrific weekend!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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