23 November 2011

Twelve Blogs Of Christmas Auditions!

Hello hello everyone.  It’s that time of year again.  I will be hosting the

2nd annual Twelve Blogs Of Christmas



I’m so excited!  Last year was a huge success and I expect this year to turn out even better.  Last year I started our twelve days on December 1st but it was very hard for many of us to have our décor up by then.  So this year I will be starting on December 12th and for twelve lovely days I will feature another bloggers beautiful home full of Christmas beauty! 

Each home will also have their Christmas tree featured on Christmas day for the Festival of Trees!

So if you have a home full of Christmas joy that you would like for me feature on the blog please send me a pre-written blog post about you, your family and your home.  If you would like share a Christmas tradition we would love to hear it!

I will be taking applications between now and December 8th.  You will know if you have been selected to participate by December 10th at which time you will be given the html code for the button to post on your blog.  So just a quick run down on requirements to submit an application…

  1. Must have a blog.
  2. Must have at least 4 photo’s of your home with Christmas décor. (One needs to be your tree)
  3. Must be able to have a blog post written and emailed to me by December 10th.
  4. Must be willing to post the Twelve Days Of Christmas button on your sidebar for the entire 13 days.
  5. You must be a follower of DESIGNER GARDEN.

Thanks everyone and good luck!!



Maury @ Life on Mars said...

I definitely want to participate! I will have my post to you next week. What a fun series!

Sarah said...

OoO! I might be interested in this if I can get my decor up on time! Is this only indoors that you're covering? Because we're not allowed outdoor decor until Dec. 1st and that would put a time crunch on me. :/

Anora said...

Nice designing and heart favorite color is really inspiring.its really very beautiful and helping me in the decoration at christmas.....thanks
Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I want to send an application but am not sure exactly what you want--you want a blog post made, but not yet posted? Or do you just want something written with pictures attached? Sorry I am a new blogger and aren't quite used to how to do all this yet!

Janae said...

Wow this looks so fun! I just went through your blog and looked at all the post from last year so pretty! I heard about your blog from my Mother so glad she told me about it. I just emailed you my entry.

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