10 May 2010

Fit for a princess

Remember I told you I recently went to a birthday party my girlfriend had for her three year old daughter?  I said I was going to share some pics and since I'm down to the guts of another projects right now I figure there is no better time to share those photo's with you than now.
This is a bouquet she made with silk flowers from the craft store and a vase she already had!  Gotta love a flower arrangement that never dies and you can use again and again.

Is this not the sweetest little set up you've ever seen?  Each place setting had it's own matching cup an saucer but yet they were all different.  I have seen these at the thrift store for $1 each!
Take a closer looks in the following pictures of the beautiful table cloth that was custom made for this table of delicacies.

Okay so I'm not going to sit here mislead you all in saying that all of this was done inexpensively and by hand.  These were special ordered through a talented Etsy shop for an insane $10 a piece!  Gasp!  But you know when you see those special items that you just must have regardless of the price tag?  These perfectly princessy (that's a word as of now lol) name tags were one of those items.  And a special thank you to my girlfriend for having one made for each of my little princesses to bring home and hang on their doors =)

I couldn't leave out a perfectly perfect picture of our tea party princess.  Love you little miss Lo.

Cupcakes fit for a queen not a princess!  Holy cow.  I was in awe when I saw these beauties.  The cupcake holders are handmade with scrapbook paper.  The toppers were custom ordered by yet another talented Etsy shop.  However,  these would be so easy to make!  I have a tutorial in the works for a later date =)

Just a close up of these scrumptious delectables.

Okay one more since I obviously really like cupcakes lol!

Of course we would need ice cream with those cupcakes and the birthday girl saw this cake at Baskin Robins.  It was love at first sight and what the princess wants, the princess gets =)

Hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did!  And now I have a bunch of fun ideas for my own little princess's party coming up soon.  Too bad she's head over heals for Thomas the Tank engine lol.


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