08 May 2010

It's the simple things in life

I've been out scouting the past week for some treasures. I have decided two things... I need a shirt that says "Junk sale JUNKIE" on it. And a friend of mine and I want to make bumper stickers that say "I break for garage sales" to forewarn all the other drivers on the road of our erratic driving habits =)

Okay so I thought I would post pics of some of the little treasures I've picked up this past week. And some of the big treasures too. These all have a place at some point in the future and I will definitely keep you posted on any progress I make with them =)

I found these perfectly fitting little lamp shades to coordinate with miss K's room for only $1 ea at my local thrift store.  I'm thinking about adding some pink trim and finding a chandelier I can antique in white.

Beautiful Tuscan fabric, nearly 4 yards from freecycle.org

A truckload of lumber.  Every girls dream =) After digging through a barn full of dust and cobwebs I came out with all of this.  It was an episode right out of PICKERS.  I tried desperately to keep my eyes on the road all the way home as I gazed at my treasure through the rear view mirror.

This also came out of the barn.  Wanna know what I'm going to use it for?  Nope not that tile in the next picture.  Mix a little of this with some colored paint from your local hardware store and voila... you have chalk board paint!  I'll tell you how later =)

Who could pass up an entire box of little tiles?  I'm thinking a real tile mosaic.  A real heavy one like the one this picture.

Just a temporary home for my little gems.  I found these while looking for furniture.  Oops.

I originally thought I would refinish it, antique it somehow.  But the red is growing on me. Did I mention it was only $1?

It was love at first sight.  Especially for $5.  Yes, it's plastic but I love it and once I build my console table like the one in this picture, it will find a more permanent home there.

This is my big find of the week.  This 1970's dresser.  I brought this beaut home with a mirror and desk that match.  I know... I say beauty because when I'm finished with it, it will be.  Right now it's a capitol UGLY but with the help of my friends over at the Frugal Designer my little boy will have a handsome room soon. 


Heather Timms said...

Oh! Please tell me how to make the chalkboard paint! We have powdered grout up in our storage area. The contractor that used it in the bathroom here did a HIDEOUS job so I thought it was Good-for-NOTHING. Good to hear about chalkboard paint, I am dying to know!

Anonymous said...

Heehee. Okay Heather I'll try to post a tutorial this weekend. I've just been waiting for the right piece to use it on but I will get on it soon I promise!

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