12 August 2010

Chalkboard paint

So I promised yesterday I would show you some of the items I have already transformed.  I mean really with two eager little girls and a tub of chalk board paint who wouldn't get a lot done in a day?

Terracotta pots for $.99

A little help from my friends =)  I love watching toddlers hands in action.

Chalk paint drying...

So pretty!  Now let sprout some herbs!

Clear glass canisters

Oooh fun labels with chalk!  I really hate my handwriting in chalk, I can tell I'm not a teacher.

Pretty mirror

Gorgeous mirror!

So I was oober inspired by a bedroom makeover on another blog and once again changed my mind on how were going to do my daughters room.  Not by much but a little.  Here is the little silver tray, I painted chalk paint in the middle and wrote "Candy" in pink.  I know I'm missing a frame, still trying to find a good match but wanted to give you the idea.  The framed prints say "Sweets for my sweet" and "Sugar for my honey".  I will post the link where you can find these once I do the complete room reveal =)

Making a chalk board for the laundry room.  I told her to spread out newspapers on the floor lol.  Yes I'm probably the only painter on earth who doesn't own a drop cloth!

That's better

I was worried after coat one.  It just looked like paint, nothing special.

Coat two showed some improvement and a chalkboard like surface.

Finished!  I wish this photo had better color quality.  It's not urine yellow! I promise.  It's an almond color frame and my walls are white.  But the kids loved it and I'm anxious to see what all were going to write on it in the future =)


jessica gabriel said...

Love your projects - they even have chalkboard paint in designer colours now!
I was wondering though - do you find it hard to get it back to the first black sheen before you ever put chalk on it? I chalkboard painted something and it looked all shiny black, wrote something on it in chalk, erased it... and it never really erased.... jgabriel@shaw.ca

Sommer said...

Hi Jessica. Are you priming your chalk surface before you write on it? Once the paint has dried for 24 hours you should rub a piece of chalk on it's side, over the entire paint surface to "prime" it. Then rub it in with a rag or your fingers really good. Then I take a damp cloth and wipe it clean. This prevents your chalk from leaving a permenant mark and then can easily be erased =) I do sometime have problem spots where there is a crevis from the brush strokes. You can also remedy this by running over the surface with some 220 or 320 grit sand paper to smooth it out. Hope that helps!

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