01 December 2010

Twelve Blogs of Christmas Day 1

Please welcome Malia @ Yesterday on Tuesday!!  I am so happy to have her here, she is amazingly talented and crafty!  Please stop by her blog afterward and leave a comment.
Hello! I am so happy to be here at Designer Garden. Sommer is one of the sweetest girls in Blog land and oh-so-creative.  My name is Malia and I write about cooking, crafts, freebies, kids stuff, junque shows and vintage finds at Yesterday on Tuesday.
What's with the name? My little girl has no sense of time so she'll always start a story with "Yesterday... on Tuesday..." I liked the idea of imagining I was sharing a story with some friends starting with "Yesterday, on Tuesday" so that's what I named my blog.
Today I'm going to share with you how to make a yarn ball wreath. Supplies: Twelve inch Styrofoam Wreath Form, Twelve 4-inch Styrofoam Balls, Twelve 3-inch Styrofoam Balls, Fabric for "background," Two packages each three colors of yarn, Hot Glue.
The "yarning" part is pretty simple.
  Yarn Wreath2
Just wrap yarn around the Styrofoam balls and tuck the ends under when it's wrapped.
  Yarn Wreath3
Keep going.
Yarn Wreath4
  Yarn Wreath5
Wrap your wreath form in some fabric or use yarn. Hot Glue it in place.
  Yarn Wreath6
Randomly glue the 4-inch balls in place.
  Yarn Wreath7
Then add the little guys in the "empty" spaces.
Yarn Wreath8
Voila! This project is inspired by Serena Thompson and The Farm Chicks Christmas.
You know what would go good with this?  Peppermint Chocolate Bars.
Find my recipe here.
Thanks for letting me hang out with you today, and thanks Sommer!
Wishing you all a WONDER-full Holiday Season.


Tammy said...

very cute wreath! peppermint bark looks yummy.

Christie said...

Yes! this is adorable! I love it!

Sommer said...

Thanks again for participating! I really enjoyed your post as did our viewers! Have a very merry christmas!

Angie said...

LOVE this!!! Such a cute idea!! Going to stop by and say hello to her now! ;)

malia said...

thanks for letting me hang here, sommer!

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