03 December 2010

Twelve Blogs Of Christmas Day 3

We're rolling right along on this blog train!  You will be thrilled today when you meet Cassie from Primitive and Proper.  If you haven't seen her blog already you must go there when you are finished here and leave a comment.  I'm sure you will love everything you see!

Hi there!  I am Cassie from Primitive & Proper!  First of all I want to thank Sommer for having me here today on her lovely blog full of lovely ideas.
That's me with my family, including....
my husband, Chris: the manual labor of my business.  He helps with all the heavy lifting, and is the best dad ever, always willing to hang out with the kiddos so I can work, thrift, or craft.
my son, Sawyer: Kindergartener Extraordinaire!  He is one of the goofiest kids I have ever met, and definitely gets that from both Mommy and Daddy.
my daughter, Emmy: Princess of the Casa Bustamante!  She is a fair and gentle ruler, unless she's not getting her way.  Then she reminds us who is boss.
And that white fur ball on the left is Jake, 1/2 of our furry children.  Charlie is a Curmudgeon of an old Beagle who didn't want to be in our family picture.
I am so excited to share with you today how I have my  home decorated for Christmas.  I was trying to go with a white and glittery scheme for the most part, but I have so many decorations that have been gifts over the years, and I can't bear not to have them out!  We have a split foyer and I focus on decorating our upper level, where we entertain.
Won't you please come in....
This is the yarn wreath I made for my front door.  You will see that I loved it so much I made a couple others for the inside of the house!
 We don't have a fireplace or even a mantle, so I hang our stockings off the backside of our bench (on the side of our dining room).  Our stockings are very special because they were needle pointed by my mother-in-law who is ridiculously talented with a needle!
 I received mine the year we were married, and Chris has had his since childhood.
 Last year, Sawyer's was added to the collection, and is strikingly similar to Daddy's.  Emmy's will be added either this year or next.  Good things come to those who wait!
 This is an old hutch I got free off craigslist and painted.  It sits outside my Kitchen, and normally houses enamelware, but I have replaced that for now with all my glittery Christmas decorations!
 This adorable little retro snowman was handmade, and I purchased it off Ebay last year.  I just loved the colors!
 I love all the little cardboard houses, real vintage and retro-style!
 This is another china cabinet that I purchased from Craigslist and painted.  It is currently filled with more Christmas goodies!
 Of course, the plate for Santa's cookies will be put to good use this year!
 One of my favorite decorations, this is a vintage tree cake pan that I spray painted and added glitter to (to look like snow).  It's just a nice handmade and vintage Christmas touch.  And of course, it had to have glitter!
 My dining table is set with items I bought on clearance last year the day after Christmas.
 The reindeer came from Pottery Barn.
 The silver snowflake came from Crate & Barrel, and the two swags came from Michael's.
 The wreath on the window also came from Michael's day after Christmas clearance, and the "peace on earth" German glass glitter ornament hanging on it came from Pottery Barn.
 I had recently redone my entry with items purchased from Pier 1, but then I finished a pair of tables that I just had to keep.  So when I started decorating for Christmas, I decided to change the entry up and add those tables.  I used some of the Pier 1 items on the dining room side bench, where all is silver and glittery!
 These cute sparkly trees came from Pier 1.
 And I made this yarn wreath using their ornaments.
 And now my favorite part!  This is the entry (the top of our stairs, really!) with my new tables, and some glitter, and natural elements thrown in.  I am loving how this looks right now!  And of course, take notice of yet another yarn wreath on the mirror.  Told you I had a thing for them!
 The "Peace" and "Hope" came from Target's dollar area last year.  I think they were $2.50 each.
 The glass hurricanes came from Home Goods and are filled with natural and silver glitter filler from Pier 1, and some silver and white candlesticks, as well as a "B" ornament from Pottery Barn.
 I found these little teapot place markers at a craft market.  They are made out of ornaments and polymer clay and I just thought they were so unique and pretty.... and what do you know, glittery!
 On top of my other china cabinet, I have a collection of angels.  My favorite angel is the tallest in the back.  My mom and I crafted these angels out of old ceiling tile, spindles, peat moss, and miniature grapevine wreaths.  We had a lot of fun making them, and they are so rustic and unique.
Well, that is how I do Christmas in my house.  Basically, if it has glitter on it or can be glittered, it will fit right in here! ;)  Thank you so much for having me here today, Sommer!  Come back soon to see what my tree looks like, and visit me here:


Christie said...

All so lovely!! I am getting some amazing ideas!

Sommer said...

I can't believe you got the PB deer! I loved those at first sight and tried to think of how I could knock them off but couldn't justify buying them. You're a lucky gal =) Love everything!

Tammy said...

love it all! really love that gold mirror.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

thanks so much for having me sommer! maybe they wull have this year's reindeer on clearance the day after christmas and you can go get them!

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