04 December 2010

Twelve Blogs of Christmas Day 4

So are we getting into that Christmas groove yet? If not you will be after this post! Please welcome Christin at Pregnant with Power tools! She has an absolutely amazing blog wrought full of wonderful ideas. Go check her out when you wrap up here and leave a comment =) So without further delay... Hi! I’m Christin from Pregnant… with power tools
I am so excited to be guest posting for Sommer’s Designer Garden and her Twelve Blogs of Christmas today! She has an amazing blog, and more guest bloggers coming, so visit often! If you like this post, stop by my blog for more…  (I generally like to run after my two little boys, use tools (just for the heck of it), build, and craft). I tried to spend Thanksgiving weekend working on Christmas presents, but my baby decided to get sick/teethe/not sleep, so I am happy to have finished anything ;)  It’s a good thing this project was fast (about 20 minutes)! I took a plain bowl and personalized it with metal stamping for my in-laws!!  I thought about stamping some message of cheer or holiday, but if I am going to use a hammer to pound words into something, I want words you can’t buy, words with special meaning… and what’s better than Grandkids’ Names.?.  They have 8! PB270052 You’ll need: A Metal Stamping Kit (I used 1/4” size from Harbor Freight ~$9) heavy piece of wood Sharpie marker metal bowl (or other metal object)… I got mine at the thrift store. A heavy hammer (my cute little pink one did not work) PB270038 A few hard hits will do it! It takes a little practice to get the letters lined up (the reflective surface can help to line up the stamp “just so”), but I like the personality of handcrafting – errors and all, so mine is not perfect ;) PB280004  After you’ve stamped the letters into the metal, fill the marks with a Sharpie or other permanent marker and quickly wipe off again (or you can wait longer and use metal polish to buff out the extra).  This will make the letters pop out from the metal background.
PB280005 PB280006
I think one of the best things about a project like this is… you can take it as far as your imagination! PB270030 
Thanks Sommer!  I can not wait to see everyone’s holiday projects, and check out some fun new blogs ;)


Christie said...

THIS IS AWESOME!! I really want to try this on some old spoons and write the herbs on them for my garden! Thank you!!!

Sommer said...

Isn't it great?!! Christin has some neat ideas! Thanks again for being here Christin!

Tammy said...

love this idea, and i own all the tools!! thanks for this, i was wondering what i was gonna get my MIL!

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