05 December 2010

Twelve Blogs Of Christmas Day 5

Can you believe were almost half way through this already???  Time flies when you having fun.  And speaking of fun, wait until you see today's guest!  Christie from Three Pixie Lane has it going on over at her place and I highly suggest you go take a look for yourself when you wrap up here and leave her a comment a two!  This is her very first time guest posting so go give her some kudos!

Hi!  I am Christie Thomas from Three Pixie Lane!  This is my first Christmas in blog land and my very first time being a guest blogger!  Thank you, Sommer for the invite to be a part of the 'Twelve Blogs of Christmas!' 
My daughter's room is decorated for the holidays to welcome overnight guest.  We remodeled her room two years ago in a 'Swedish' theme, so I decided to keep with the theme and use Christmas decorations that would be common in a Swedish home! 
 Today, I am sharing with you a Noel Garland that I made for the foot of the bed.
I have a drawer full of my children's socks without a match...
I gathered some white socks, red socks and some red knitted socks that Grandma made for the children.
Using Rit dye in 'scarlet,' I died the white socks to a shade of red that matched the other socks.  After washing and drying these, I decorated the socks with different ribbon, baker's twine, rick rack, different buttons and bells.
The garland is hung from red velvet ribbon and small toys are tucked in for display.
I added felt balls to this red sock and some pretty trim.  The outfit of this vintage toy fits right in with my 'red and white' theme.
This dyed sock displays some gingham ribbon and a bell.  Checks are commonly used in Swedish country design.
Grandma has knitted many socks through the years for my children.  Fortunately, I found a few red and a few in different sizes to use for the garland!  The little felt Santa is so cute!
I am crazy about felt...we are working on a felt garland for our tree!  This little sock fits in nicely.
Some Swedish clogs and a Dala horse flank the sides of the garland.  The Dala horse is a common toy for children, but today, is a symbol for Sweden.  They are usually painted red.  I found this rocking horse at a flea market and decorated it with some more gingham ribbon.
A little Danish elf is tucked in this hand knitted sock.
Another lost sock gets some dye and decorations.
I have seen some great mitten/sock advent garlands.  If you have twenty-four socks, you could make an advent garland!
Little heart buttons were used on this sock.  Hearts seem to be a big part of Swedish decor! 
  If you make your own garland, I would love to see it!
I will be posting more on this room real soon over at Three Pixie Lane!
God Jul! (That is Swedish for 'Merry Christmas!')
Thanks for stopping by!


Carol said...

What a darling garland!! You've made a perfect vignette at the foot of her bed, how clever!!
Carol from GA

Sommer said...

Christie everything turned out so darling! I just love your daughters room. So much in fact I asked my girlfriend... do you think my husband would freak if I decided to re-do my girls room? LOL I just finished it a month ago! Thanks for joining the blog train here I am so happy to have you.

Tammy said...

love the garland, and the bed is gorgeous!

Christie said...

Thanks Sommer! This was so much fun! I was glad to see sweet Karen came over and signed up to follow you! She is always so kind to me! This has been fun and I have gotten lots of inspiration! Hope to have my tree to you soon!!

Anonymous said...

ah so sweet

Vanessa said...

Hi! I'm just now coming over from Three Pixie Lane and have to tell you that any friend of Christie's is a friend of mine! :-) I'm your newest follower and I just love this idea for 12 blogs of Christmas. Christie is so very creative and one of the sweetest gals I have met here in blogland. I look forward to perusing more of your lovely blog! :-)
P.S. I'm your newest follower!

Sommer said...

Vanessa so sweet of you, thank you! Christie is just incredible isn't she? I look forward to building a relationship with you as well =)

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