06 December 2010

Twelve Blogs Of Christmas Day 6

Can you believe were half way through now?  Time flies when you're having fun!  Speaking of fun wait until you meet today's guest.  Angie with Treasures is a personal friend of mine.  She is sweet, caring, devoted and has a great sense of style!  Please welcome her by stopping by her blog when you finish up here and leave a comment!

Hi everyone! I'm Angie from Treasures, also known as All My Treasures.
This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you a little about me and my blog. 
I always find this difficult to do.  Instead, I'm going to give you 3 words that sum it up best.
Family... Vintage...Decor...  if you'd like to know more, please stop by anytime!
Now for the Christmas tour! The tree is up but the ornaments are not....
The stockings are hung....
The candles are lit,
Little bits of sparkle here and there,
To your left is the T.V. wall
Where even the Buddha's are joining in the Christmas delight
( get it? deLIGHT- I crack myself up)
To the right is the dinning room,
Do you see the 3 frames above the mirror on the left?
Here's a closer look,
They started off like this,
they just needed a little of this,
and this,
Pretty cool huh?
I'm also making a "Christmas past" photo tree,
See the branch in the corner? I'm printing out photos now to attach to it with ribbons.
(you'll have to stop by Treasures next week to see how it turned out)
Now let's take a look at the table setting I had fun putting together,
complete with seating cards,
How cute is this Snowman?
I don't know what you call it but it's a plate and utensil "station"
Let's head into the kitchen,
I may not be an artist but I had more fun drawing this tree than anything else!
Even if you don't have children- PAINT a chalkboard wall! It's great!
Last but not least....
You'll have to stop by Treasures to see what this will be used for!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And a HUGE thank you to Sommer for having me!


Sommer said...

Love this Angie! Everything looks beautiful and the lighting is just right to give the perfect mood.

Tammy said...

loving it! wish i could see it in person,someday i'll come to CA!

Angie said...

Sounds great!!! ROAD TRIP! ;)

Susie said...

Angie I love you girl! You are awesome!

scrapwordsmom said...

Your home is simple beautiful, Angie!! Love all of it!! Especially the chalk wall and the frames with the chalk!!:)

Jen said...

Everything looks great. I love the little chalkboard prints.
I am wanting to do a Christmas past photo tree this year too. I
Love it all!

Leanne said...

Absolutely LOVE ANGIE and ALL that she does/touches/paints/creates! And Ang, I'm ready to move in! Thanks for getting "my" house all ready for me. I'll enjoy the chalkboard wall, for sure! ;)

Merry Christmas!!

Lissa said...

angie! It looks fantastic and super clean. I like the chalk board wall the best!

Debbie said...

Wonderful job Angie....everything is looking very festive and fun!

Angie said...

Thank you ladies ;)

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