08 January 2011

House Hunting Day One

I fear the road ahead may be filled with frustration and lot’s of compromise.  It would seem that before we’ve even gone to take a look at one single home Mr. Garden and myself have reached a crossroads where design is concerned. 

In the past we have always been on the same playing field.  We both had the same taste and love for the modern home with elegant upgrades. 

However in the past couple years my taste has started to change.  My love for white and a softer more cottagy feel has grown by leaps and bounds.  I can still appreciate the modern style but finding the happy medium by incorporating both styles into one home is going to be my challenge this year. 


Where Mr. Garden prefers this bathroom…

Modern Bathroom

I prefer this one…

Bathroom vanity

Or this one..

And while Mr. Garden likes the clean lines of this formal living space…

Modern Living Room

And this living space…

Living Room

I prefer the simplistic feel of this…


He also loves this kitchen style with the granite counter tops and wood floors…


While I would just about kill for something like these…

Lower kitchen cabinets

These wood plank floors have such a different feel than the boring old wood that every home now has.

frugalfarmhousedesign-wood plank flooring

And butcher block counter tops!  Ooh…swoon.

Kitche butcher block counter top

This could be a close compromise, the more modern cabinets on the bottom in a dark espresso and the cottagy feel on the uppers?

kitchen cabinets

This sink has been a must on my list for some time now… Even though Mr. Garden I think would prefer a stainless steel one.

Kitchen Sink

What about the stairs?  Which do you prefer?

Modern Stair case

Stunning Staircase

Obviously I know I can’t have it all my way.  After all, he is the primary bread winner, and I have occupy the home 90% of the time.  So it’s just a matter of figuring out how to get our two styles to get a long.  I’m sure in the end it will all work out.  In the mean time it’s really fun finding all these new ideas for our home!

Wish us luck today as we venture out for our first day of house hunting.  The goal is to stay in the same neighborhood so the kids don’t have to change schools.  That may limit our options a bit. 



Anonymous said...

Sorry it took a while for me to respond to this post. All of your posts just came through to me today on my reader. You and your hubby will have a challenge. He seems to have a much more modern taste, while you have a more cottage-style, country taste. I my -- remember the show that use to be on HGTV -- Design Intervention? I prefer the second stairway, primarily because I love the white paint on the molding, yet I do love the shape of the first stairway. Oh goodness -- keep us posted. This will be very interesting.

Sommer said...

LOL I wondered if anyone would say anything. I'll email you about what happened. It was a glitch I've been working on for a while now that I sorted out. All my poor readers are going to be very confused!

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