08 January 2011

News & A Winner

Good news and bad news.... We'll start with the bad news.  I moved into a rental last spring when I started this blog.  Signed a one year lease after being a homeowner for nearly 6 years.  It has been hard making it my own space but we love the area and hoped it would be permanent until we were ready to buy again.  Well that doesn't happen to the be the case.  The homeowner found himself a girl and wants to marry her and move her into the house.  So 9 months after moving my family of 5 I am packing again.  I'm not thrilled and I am putting all projects on hold until after the move.  I don't want to take anything more with me than I absolutely have to. 

On a more positive note we are looking into lease options so that we may possibly not have to put ourselves or our kids through this again in another year.  It's quite stressful let alone doing every 12 months.  And we really want the kids to stay in one school and stop moving them around. 

So this is your heads up... I am going to be blogging but it will likely be more geared toward getting rid of things you don't use, organizing, packing and my journey to a healthier me.  And once we finally get moved and into a new house... watch out!  It will be remodel, re purpose, reconstruct haven!!  I'm going to go to town making every square foot of that house mine.

It's time to draw our winner for the fabulous L.O.V.E. Necklace so generously supplied by Tammy @ Type A Decorating

Drawn by Random.org

And the winner is...

SHIELA @ Mustard Seeds!! 
Congratulations Shiela!  Please contact me with your shipping info so we can get you your necklace right away.



mustard seeds said...

I am so excited to win that sweet necklace. I can't wait to get it. I also look forward to following your move, purging, and organization...something I am trying to work on now, too...not the moving part, just the purging and organizing. Best of luck with your move.

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