27 January 2011

Your Questions Answered

I've been getting a few questions on some of my projects so I thought I would just compile the answers here in case anyone else was wondering but too shy to ask ;P

Lisa wrote: "Hope you don't mind the email, I am desperate though hehe and saw your master bedroom bedspread. I have searched and scoured for exactly that spread and I would love to know where you got yours."

The answer may surprise the pants off you.  I bought this set 5 years ago as a bed n a bag at Walmart!

Another reader wrote...

"What type of paint did you use? I have similar furniture that I would like to paint like yours, but I don't want the paint to chip off. Part of my dresser set is laminate. Thanks. "

I used Rustoleum "Heirloom White" on the body and "Semi-gloss Black" for the top and handles.  The accents are black tinted glaze.  I also used a water based poly for the top since it's taking more wear than the rest.

Lastly Attempting Aloha asked:  I think my set is almost identical to yours... I've only redone the mirror so far because I've had a hard time with the drawer pulls. Did you remove yours?

The answer is yes!  I always remove all my hardware before refinishing.  If it's chipping I take a wire brush to loosen all the other paints and primers that it's been treated with then wash with some warm soapy water and let dry.  I prime all my pieces before painting with a plastic or metal safe primer then paint.  This does not apply when using ORB products (Oil Rubbed Bronze).  You want to keep your hardware down to the metal for this product to turn out right.

Keep the emails coming!  I love to answer your questions =)



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