25 February 2011

Curbside Treasure!

It was one of those freak moments in life that make you wonder if destiny is really a factor in how things play out...

I ran out of creamer for my coffee and knew this morning would be snowing and cold so I just had to go out and get some after dinner last night.  It also happens that I have three mailing addresses at the moment, don't ask.  So we packed up the fam bam and set out to check the mail and pick up my creamer. 

As many of you know we just moved in last weekend.  To my pleasant surprise the neighbors seemed to have left me a house warming gift on the curb!  Seriously it was no coincidence that trash day was today.  Both Mr Garden and I say in stereo... ooh look!  And decided it would be best to pick up on the way home.

My poor camera does not like to zoom very well, sorry for the blurry pic.
A cute little camel back love seat with horrible outdated fabric, just sitting there waiting for me =)  The more I thought about it though I decided I didn't want to reupholster an entire love seat and I just didn't have it in me to do another slip cover right now.  So I passed on the idea. 

Well wouldn't you know it... on the way home driving down our street they left yet another gift for me!  These neighbors must really like me.  And for having never met them before I'd say I make a damn good first impression! Ha!

This time... a beautiful clean burgundy wing back chair!  They forgot to leave a note on it with my name but I'll let that one go this time.  We quickly loaded it in to the back of the truck, this one I wasn't going to pass up.  It was meant to be.  I have the perfect space waiting for it in the new master bedroom.

Now it does look like they have a white short haired dog of some sort.  But all her lines are clean and she has great bones!  One I give her a proper douching she'll be great!

Everything is in tact perfectly.

This is the very back of the seat cushion.  The one and only spot I can see some wear.  But a new cover will be an easy fix!


Should I re-upholster the chair or make a slip cover?

I see some sort of french script fabric or grain sack slip cover.  Please help a girl out here.  I need your opinions!

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Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

hmmm not sure. Have you ever reupholstered before? it's not easy to do. If you know how to sew, maybe a slipcover. great find!

Sommer said...

Handy, thanks! I've actually done both =) Funny enough I find it to be the other way around. I find re-upholstering to be easier than sewing a slip cover even being a fairly skilled seamstress. Both will take a time investment and some work. I think for me what it comes down to is the permenancy of re-upholstering vs the easily changeable and washable slip cover.

Gracefully Vintage said...

Love Your Blog-so Darling and love those left items, i have found my best chairs on the side of the road or found left on my porch-(from mystery friends) who know i love old chairs..
Congrats on your finds..
A New Follower-Ill be back for more of your finds.

grammy and papi said...

I vote, slip cover. LOVE the chair. Such wonderful new neighbors.

Have a God Filled Day

jandjhome said...

How exciting. I love side of the road finds. I think I would upholster it. Such a classic piece would be fun in a cool modern fabric.

Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com said...

Great finds. I am sure whatever you choose will look great.

I am over here laughing out loud at the she just needs a good douching. Hilarious! Well said.


Meg said...

I would reupholster that sucker. It looks marvelous and the lines are wonderful! It does sound like a huge job, but if you save your original scraps from the chair--it should be a breeze. Ha! What do I know? I've just dreamt of doing that! I will conquer a reupholster job someday, though. Lucky you!

C'est Magnifique said...

I think a slip cover would be sweet! Darn, I wish I lived where you do... I've been looking for a loveseat like that!


Vicki said...

Please send the chair to me. I have a slipcover that I started for a chair just like that and then gave the chair away (long story). I'll make sure it's beautiful! Seriously, great find! I would make a slipcover, so much easier.

Lydia said...

Isn't it nice to live in a neighborhood with great trash!

Sommer said...

Seriously! lol. And who knew? We just moved here a week ago. I'm seriously going to start telling people they must drive through any potential neighborhood on trash day before buying a home there!

House Revivals said...

I think I would make a slipcover -- or make two! It's a lot less work, easy to clean, and a very popular look right now.

High Street Cottage said...

This is in pretty good condition considering. I think you should do which ever is easier, having just moved into a new place, the simpler the better. Stopping over from Funky Junk Interiors, xoxo tami

Terry said...

Slipcover it. 1) It's way easier, 2) It's versicle when styles changes over the years 3) or just make a new seat cushion cover in coordinating fabric. Use the good part of the old seat cushion and your coordinating material for a lumbar pillow for the back to tie it all together.

alison said...

saw you link on TT&J and came on by...lucky girl with your trash pickin find.

love your blog and am now following!


stuff and nonsense

Nat said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this! My vote is to reupholster, although I have no skill with either. I think reupholstering looks cleaner. I have a pair of chairs EXACTLY like this that I found at a second hand store in college. They are the same color except the pink is a tad more faded. I fantasize about getting them reupholstered some day!

Sassy's Ramblin's said...

I think reupholster it! You could do it in a neutral Grain sack type material with cute pillows.

Designs on 47th Street said...

What a cute post..your neighbors really do like you! :) Funny thing, I have 2 burgandy wingbacks that I had semi retired. I just found a new perfect spot for them but I will pay to have them recovered. I'm excited as I have always loved them.

Nora said...

I have a nearly identical curbside find! Last October my neighbors tossed out the same style chair, but in an ice blue velour with button tufting in the back. I don't have a garage, so she's had a thorough cleaning and is now waiting patiently in my master bedroom for me to take most of her apart for a canvas dropcloth slipcover.

Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Serendipity Chic Design said...

Quite a coincidence that I just came across this post. I vote reupholster. If you read my post from yesterday, you will see why...LOL!!


Take care,

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

What a nice housewarming gift! If you use script I'd upholster it. If you do a grainsack motif, I'd say either. Good luck, the legs are very cool.

Lindsey Diffendaffer said...

Hi Sommer! Can't beat free furniture, huh? I personally think that reupholstery looks better than slip covers 10:1. BUT I guess it depends on what color you're doing it and if you'll need to be able to wash it.

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

K---- You are my kind of girl, I have picked up many things off the side of the road....I think the last thing I got was a set of two barrel chairs...wood legs on casters, with down seat cushions! I pulled them out of a pile of branches on the side of the road and tucked them in my trailer while I was out on appointments delivering slipcovers.

Sommer said...

Omigosh Shelly I would have died, down seat coushions?!! That's one heck of a find. I love this time of year, when the weather gets warmer you start finding more stuff =)

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