02 May 2012

Baby Chicks

Well I’ve gone and done it again.  My impulsive behavior along with insatiable love for baby animals (well all animals really) has won again!  I posted on FB recently that while shopping a local feed store for a large syringe for mixing my paints I came across a slew of baby chicks.  Well this suburban girl has never seen baby chicks in real life.  Okay to be honest when my daughters kindergarten class got to hold baby chicks last year I was crazed with jealousy! LOL

When Mr. garden and I found out about getting my in laws house on 3/4 acres we knew straight away that we wanted to raise chickens.  I just didn’t intend on starting this journey until the back yard had been landscaped and that wouldn’t be for a year at least. 

Well, I’m sure our chickens wont care what the back yard looks like.  Let me introduce our new baby chicks!



Blue Andalusion



Black Sex Link





We started with three this year so we would have a good handle on learning the ropes of raising chickens.  Each child picked one.  We got all hens so we will have real farm fresh eggs, not just cute signs stating so!  Next spring we will be a bit more choosy on the other three birds we invest in.  We plan to get two Silkies and one Silver laced Polish chicken.  Here is what they look like full grown.  These are more ornamental birds, they still lay but not as often as our current babies will.  Heck if you think about it.  Our babies will lay most every single day.  That means three birds times seven days a week.  We will already be getting 21 eggs a week!!


Silver Laced Polish


White Silkie


Black Silkies


I have already taken about 50 photos of our little chicks in just the 4 days we’ve had them so plan to see lots of post of darling little fluff balls for a little while =)




Michelle said...

Your little chicks are so cute! I love silkies, too! My husband and I have been wanting to get chickens for some time, but the area we live in doesn't allow it...it would be nice to be able to have fresh eggs! :)

Carla said...

Now I love those chicks. The silver laced polish kind is really cool. I don't think I've ever seen fluffy chickens. Those are cool. Hubby told we can't have farm animals according to our deed restrictions because we're on the lake. Darn. I guess I'll have to live with the wild life that's here.

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