05 May 2012

We’re Two Weeks Old

The chicks are two weeks old today!!  I can’ believe it.  Well Raven (the black) will be two weeks on Tuesday, she was hatched a few days later.

Here are some pics of our growing babies.  Most of the fuzz on their wings is gone now, replaced by beautiful soft feathers.  I’ve also been researching plans for a chicken coop which they will need to be in by July 1st. 




You can see Chirpie and Lillys wings really well now.  Chirpie has the speckled wings and Lillys are white.  However Lilly is supposed to turn a beautiful silver/grey at some point, not sure when.  They are really starting to develop little personalities.  Chirpie is stand offish and the largest girl in the bunch.  Lilly is super sweet and passive.  And raven is definitely the baby of the bunch.  Loves to be coddled and is a jabber jaw.  Here are some shots of them on their backs.  They go into a sort of short lived trance when you lay them on their back and stroke their bellies lol.  It’s really quite cute!






Have a great weekend!




Marilyn said...

Those babies on their backs with the look of total contentment are so sweet. They made me laugh even though my tooth broke and has me in pain.♥♫

Carla said...

That's too cute how they just melt when you stroke their little tummy.
Lilly looks like she falls to sleep.

busana muslim trendy said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

The Green Room said...

really nice chicks to see in this blogs...

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